I'm with the band

Things are getting crazy around here. Our schedules are just nutty. Its nice, I think. I don't really remember the days when we were bored on a Sunday afternoon. What did we ever do with our time before we had kids?

anna is growing so much. I keep thinking to myself that i need to soak it all in because her babyness is going to be over before I know it. She's started saying mama. I guess its more like a mmmmmaammmmmmaa. Tonight while we were reading her favorite book, she was just babbling away. I like to think she was telling me a story. She's crawling like a mad woman. She's gotten good at going up stairs but, still doesn't know how to go down. I'll be honest, I don't really push her to learn the stairs. I suppose the sooner I get her used to it, the sooner I don't have to worry about it but, ugh, I just don't want to deal with it. She smiles all the time. She really smiles when she sees her brother or her daddy. Her whole face lights up. She's starting to follow jake around the house. Sometimes he enjoys it and sometimes he wants her away from his toys.

Everyday we're amazed at jake. Somewhere along the way, he turned into a little boy. Its so weird that I'm actually having conversations with my baby boy. He loves to tell you, "Its ok, you smile. Just be happy," when he knows you're pissed at him for something. He also loves to ask you, "Will that make you happy," when HE wants to do something. For example, when he wants a whole bag of jelly beans, he'll ask to eat them all and then ask if that will make you happy. His imagination is on overdrive now and it is beyond fun to watch. The other day he wanted to play his drum set.

Not sure if the purple one is supposed to be the snare drum.

You're not creating unless the tongue comes out.

He even lets his sister join him.

She's auditioning for KISS next week.