the beach

The trouble with vacations is you have to go home.  I mean how wonderful would life be if you could could just have daddy home all day to help with the kids and just head down to the beach for the witching hour?  This was one of the first days we were in Florida.  We needed to kill some time before dinner so we headed down to the beach.  I wasn't on the edge because I had help all day and the kids weren't cah-razy because they were able to run and be wild.  I miss vacation.

jake was his usual self and loved the beach.  He loves to build things in the sand and does really well in the water.  It always takes him about a day to warm up to the waves but, he usually gets in after that adjustment period.  The boogie board is hard to get him on, but that's because Trev let him wipe out back in May.

anna wasn't too crazy about the water and the waves.  She'd just yell at them.  She'd definitely yell if we got too close to them.  She'd yell if Trev and jake went too far into the waves, too.  We found her happy place, though.  We'd fill up a bucket full of water and set it next to her.  While the boys played and mommy lounged, she'd play with the water bucket and sand.