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Simple. Real. Joy

Tammy Dean2 Comments

Simple. Real. Joy.  

real simple joy.jpg

That's my focus for 2014.  That's what I want my images and brand to represent so I'm doing some changes.  The first change is to the design of my site.  I have some tweaks and content to add but, I'm so excited that I can't wait to get it out into the world.  

A big change is my home page is now my portfolio page.  I started out with 388 images that I loved.  I narrowed it down to 250 and just couldn't decide.  Its taking FOREVA to load so I'll have to do some major editing to speed it up but I just love scrolling down and seeing all the smiling faces.  

I have some fun new content coming.  I get so excited and have absolutely no patience at all when it comes to sharing stuff I'm excited about so it will come a little at a time.  I'm so not cool and collected enough to debut it all in one giant swoop.  

BUT, then I get all nervous that someone is going to go public with my ideas before me and then it will seem like I'm a copy cat.  Does anyone else feel that way or is it just me?  Sigh.  That's part of me leaving my insecurities in 2013.  :)