a day at the stables | powell, ohio family photographer

I can't even describe how many times we went back and forth trying to figure out where we were going to do this shoot.  The problem is, we've had so many great shoots that at some point its going to be impossible to get better.  I always fear we have no where to go but down....

No matter what we decide, we always want to make sure that its real.  An accurate portrayal of their lives at that moment.  Stables.  Done.  They lease a horse and are there more then they're not.  On this particular day, the boys were lovin' the camera and the girls wanted to compete for best in show with the horse.  They were so proud of working with the horse that they wanted to show me all they knew...and could care less about mugging.  Life with four kids.

I love how this session unfolded....thus why I'm including five bajillion photos.  Its so easy with this family.  We just meet up.  We hang out.  We talk too much.  I heart these people.  Except dad....he's my dentist and really, no one truly hearts the man that drills into your tooth...except maybe his wife. 

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