Tell Your Story | Columbus, Ohio Family Photography


When you walk into my house, you’ll see this picture. Let me tell you the story. I just got back from some photoshoots and I knew I needed to get a family photo done for our Christmas card. I asked a neighbor if she could be my human timer and tripod. I’d set up the shot…all she would have to do is hit the button. She lived kinda kitty corner behind us. She was the neighbor that would bring me home made cookies on my birthday and share a glass of wine with me on a moment’s notice. I’m not the best girl mom so she made that bow for my daughter’s hair about five minutes before this picture, too.

This was at our old house. The house that I sat in the closet on move in day nursing my son as the movers moved furniture in on the other side of the door. On our way to the hospital to deliver my daughter, my son excitedly yelled about the moon…not about his sister being on the way. My husband rescued a bird when we first moved in and he swore that it came back year after year to say hi.

This was back when my son wore things other than Nike. He’d wear jeans and shoes other then sneakers. My daughter would wear what I suggested without question. She loved dresses and sparkly boots. None of which she will even consider now. I loved that polka dot dress she’s wearing. It was from Gap Kids. I love my husband’s smile in this photo. He says it looks fake. I secretly think its one of the most sincere smiles he’s ever been photographed giving. I’m wondering where that slight highlight is coming from in my hair because I haven’t colored my hair in over 15 years. I still wear that sweater and I still love grey and navy.

This image is in our home. This image is part of our history. It is part of our story.