Summer "School"

jake is going to go to 2 year old preschool in the fall. Because I stress out about everything and probably don't give the kid enough credit, I was worried about how he was going to handle the seperation anxiety. Its no secret the kid is a momma's boy.

He's never really spent an extended period of time with non family...unless you count 45 min at the gym nursery...and really I'm just in the other I wanted to kind of ease him...and myself...into the whole thing. Enter my friend Melissa. She runs a daycare through her home. She happens to watch Bree part time and jake really gets along well with her son. I felt like it was the best scenerio for him to get used to spending a few hours away from mommy. He knows and likes Melissa and the other kids so it really is a great transition.

He's only going for two hours, one a week for the summer but, Melissa keeps the kids busy for those two hours. jake comes home tired and chatting away about what he's done that morning. Just a warning, I have lots of pics. Melissa is awesome at capturing what the kids are doing.

jake spent his first morning getting ready for the day by downing a big glass of milk.

Then came his first day. I thought for sure that the drop off was going to be full of tears but, he handled it like a champ.

*The rest of the pics are from Melissa so no I didn't spend the whole time with him taking pics.

Look at Bree eyein' him.

Typical boys. Trucks and the outside.

The second week's drop off was a little bit harder. Melissa tells me that he was fine about a minute after I left. How easily he lets the blonde women replace his mommy.

Melissa's son felt bad for the tears and wanted to give him some support.

How cute is this?! They were working on a gift for the dad's for Father's Day...or as Melissa wrote...for the rockin' dads.

My kid is an artistic genius.

I'm psyched to have Melissa watching him for a bit. I think its good for both of us. It really puts my mind at ease to have a friend that I trust help us both ease our seperation anxiety. Plus, once anna is born, it will give me some one on one time with her.