the kids

Sometimes I think that life is going by so fast that I'm forgetting about all that is going on with the kids. They both are just developing so fast that its hard to keep track of all that is going on with them.

jake is learning so much. He's actually making full on sentences. He has the sweetest voice you've ever heard. I wish I could bottle it up and save it forever. I need to get more video to capture it. Before long he's going to be 13 and yelling at us for something. He's learning about emotions which is good and tricky. Its nice because he can tell us certain things but, at the same time, he's learned what can get attention so he focuses on that. i'll be standing in the kitchen doing dishes and he'll run in and say, "Mommy, I'm crying." Meanwhile, the kid doesn't have a care in the world. He's become scared of the dark so we leave a lamp on in his room at night. He told Trev the next day that he wasn't scared anymore so i guess its working.

Preschool is going ok. I think he's realized that we're going to keep going. Drop off has gotten a little iffy. This past Wednesday, he tried for a half an hour to not have to go. "Mommy, I want to stay home forever." "Mommy, I'm sick." The whole "I'm sick" to stay home from school as already started and he's only 2! I suppose its another thing he'll figure out. Its so odd, because he told Trev that morning about how excited he was to go to school and excitedly told him all about what he did that night. Just another thing he has to work out I suppose.

Its so amazing to get to know anna more and more each day. I think I'm making the same "mistakes" that I made with jake with nursing her to sleep and bringing her into bed in the wee hours of the morning when she wakes up. Oh well. I think jake is a good kid so I can't be doing all that bad. She loves to watch jake. She'll kind of be day dreaming but once he's in her line of vision she just watches him. She loves to smile and laugh. The greatest thing in the world is to get her smiling or laughing enough for those dimples to show. I can't believe she has dimples with how chubby her cheeks just want to kiss them all the time! She talks so much. She talks right when she wakes up and when she's getting tired. When I take her up for bath time and set her on the changing pad she just talks up a storm and smiles at me. Love it. I have a feeling she has a tiny bit of drama in her. Sometimes she can take what her brother gives but, sometimes he'll barely touch her and she breaks out in tears. Already moody!

She's grabbing on to things. I've seen her bring them to her mouth a couple of time but, I could've been just making her do it?? She's starting to suck her thumb when she gets really tired. She sucks her hand when she's hungry. She drools a ton. Way more than jake ever did but, I've noticed she drools a lot when its about time to eat. She hasn't really rolled over. She might've once. I put her on her belly and looked away for a second and she was on her back. I can't be too sure her brother didn't have something to do with that, though. jake was never a big roller so I haven't really been paying attention to that all too much. She's trying really hard to sit up. If you try to recline her and she doesn't want to be like that she starts to do a crunch in hopes of sitting up. She still has her beautiful blue eyes!

As for Trev and me, well, we're just trying to get through the day. Seriously, we've been so busy that we really don't have time to think about anything. I have photo sessions through November so we're hoping that things will slow down in December....ughh.....maybe January??