anna's birthday part 3

This is for reals the last anna's birthday post. I have a ton of house diy pictures to post. We've got a dumpster dive toy chest, built in shelving in the basement, a sunburst mirror and a new pendent light in the entry way.

But, first, my princess needs just a little bit more attention. Here she is on her actual birthday in her birthday suit from mimi.

That cuteness was totally worth the birthday suit joke, right?!

We figured we'd give the cake a try again on her actual birthday.

Sorry, anna.

Seriously? That's home made cream cheese frosting. She warmed up once we cut the cake in half...

...and gave some to her brother.

You would've thought it was his first birthday.

She was very dainty about the whole thing.

She yelled at me for the fork.

Happy Birthday, my sweetness.