pumpkin patch part 2

Ok.  Yes, I know Christmas was 5 days ago but, I have to go in order or its going to freak.me.out.  When I finally make this blog thing into a book for our family, it will haunt me for the rest of my life that I went out of order.  Yes, jake and anna, your mother is a freak.  Sorry.

We've gone to this pumpkin patch as a family since before jake was a year old.  I told Trev that we HAVE to go back this year so that I could get a damn picture next to the "How tall this fall" sign.  Its the only picture that I've done with a consistent background.  Odd.  I know.  There's all those good mothers that do those pictures on a chair with a cute little bunny.  Not me.

So I begged Trev.  We went.  Now, the sign is on the free part of the patch but, its right next to the not free part with all the really cool things to do.  Sigh.  It was expensive.  Trev says we're not going back.  I'm not entirely sure I can give up the "How tall this fall" sign.  Maybe I should make my own?

Anyway, the kids loved the expensive part.  jake loved bouncing on this....thing.  He loved the hay barn.  He loved the big pipe slide.  Not sure he loved it enough to justify the entrance fee.  Oh, and he loved feeding the goats.