glitter shoes

About five minutes after we left the first pumpkin patch we visited, jake declared he had to go poopies.  That's what we call it.  Poopies.  Anyway, I asked him if he could wait until we got home.  He said, "yes".  Well, that'll make anyone nervous because he really has no concept of when we're going to be home or time really.  When he declared two minutes later that he really had to go, I knew I had to stop.  So what was close?  Wal Mart.  Ahhh, yes.  I know what you're thinking.  Way to pick the place that will have the cleanest bathrooms.  I tell you what.  When you're put on the spot like that, you're mind goes blank.  Probably should've done McDonald's but, I went for Wal Mart.

jake of course took his sneakers off in the car so in a mad rush I put rain boots on him that kept falling off as I was running with both kids in my arms through the parking lot.  Of course, there's someone in the handicapped stall so I get him, anna and myself into the tiniest stall ever while trying not to have jake's feet touch the floor because the damn boot fell off.  anna won't stand up and just wanted to be held.  She probably could sense the grossness of it all.  jake of course had to have his pants all the way off because its really pointless to go to the bathroom with your pants around your ankles.

I finally get us all in position and he won't go.  Says he doesn't have to.  Stage fright.  So I did what any good mother would do and I told him if he went, I'd buy him a matchbox car.  We were in Wal Mart for goodness sake.  He went.  It was gross.  We washed our hands.  I got us all out of the bathroom.

So I said I'd get him a matchbox car.  That's easy.  I figured I'd get something for anna, too.  I mean she did have to go into this tiny stall and watch her brother poop.  It took us for-ever to find what she wanted.  She didn't want a toy. She didn't want a cute hat. She wanted red glitter shoes.

p.s. Yeah, my window looks way gross. I have a 90 lb dog and two kids. What can you do?
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