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Some women dream of their wedding.  Some women don't dream of their wedding.  I think I stood somewhere in the middle...if that's possible.  Now that's not to say I wasn't a total control freak with all the details of my actual wedding....I just didn't dream of those details when I was a girl.  

Now my daughter.  My daughter is different.  I can't give you a definitive yes or no as to if she's actually thought about her wedding at the age of almost 6....but....I'm going to lean towards yes.  She bugs me every day to see the pictures from this wedding.  When I came home she asked me to see them.  She was straight up jealous when she saw the bride's daughter getting her make up done.

You know things happen in life.  Most of them are totally out of our control.  Sometimes they just happen out of order....but, in then end, the order they happen is the perfectly best order ever.  This bride got to share the day she married her dream love with her daughter.  Let me tell you, when you see the ceremony pics, you'll know that this order in life made the most perfect dream family.