Tinkering Around

So jake woke up today with a puke. Two hours later he puked again. No fever. He was just playing and would just puke. So frustrating because today was preschool day. The only thing that got me through anna waking up at 5:30am was the thought that I'd get to take a nap with her during preschool. Sooo didn't happen. Bummer. About a half hour ago, Duke puked. Made Trevor get me a glass of wine. A prerequisite to motherhood should be an ability to clean up puke without puking yourself. Its hard.

I can't tell you how much it irks me that I'm so behind in posting pictures of the things we've done. I guess it doesn't really matter....but, ugh....it just grates my nerves! These were from 9/23/2010. I came up with this idea to use marshmallows and pretzel sticks as tinker toys.

It started out ok. I soon realized that I should've bought the bigger marshmallows. jake adapted, though, and started just using them as building blocks....

....and little pretzel marshmallow lollipops.

Guess this idea didn't really work out all that well.